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www.stickdeath.com Stickfigures that mess up eachother.

www.planethalflife.com Half-Life serious.. brilliant game.

www.acseven.com if you like hardstyle then you can download some nice mixes here.

www.mta-fmj.com mta clan site where im in (mta = multi theft auto)

www.hugoernst.com site of a good friend, where you can gamble with real money on flash slot machines.


www.mrkef.tk the site of Mr Kef

www.hugoernst.com site of Hugo

www.djjd1986.tk Site of Dennis Dekker

www.gothic-dragonfly.tk Site of a guy who is as nuts as me
(Rene Jansen)


www.watkijkjemeaan.tk you shouldn't click this link if you cant handle an internet explorer that got out of hand.

www.dewis.tv amateur jackass! w00t really worth it

www.ratemypoo.com u can rate people's poo here... its pretty messy


www.dnsstuff.com dns to ip? ip to dns? WHOIS? here its all possible.

www.google.com try their search bar! it blocks popups!

www.powerarchiver.com winzip,winrar,winace all that crap in 1 (except stuffit, but that's for mac gays)

www.serials.ws if you ever need serials, watch out for porno install things.. for the rest its a good site!

www.aha-soft.com artcursors, articons and more handy tools to create and/or edit icons and cursors.

www.daemon-tools.com handy to mount cd images (like the ones from nero, or another burnprogram) to a virtual cd-rom station.

www.winamp.com winamp.. jep.. just the best :) (if you dont know what winamp is, its a mp3 play program that produces much better sound than WMP, windows media player)


If you want link added then mail me, and if u dont have it then u dont know me and dont need your link here.